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The basic impression of the atmosphere of each room is primarily dictated by the color, combining their character with elements of furniture and decorative objects. Colors are a powerful weapon of architects in creating atmosphere, but also a powerful tool in transforming and disguising the lack of space. They can visually increase or cut down spaces, lower or raise ceilings, emphasize quality, and disguise flaws.

The biggest advantage of applying colours in interiors is that with the little money and simple works, you can achieve dramatic results..

How to choose colours

The choice of colours in the apartments is adjusted to suit the needs and habits. Choosing colors, you should think about all the areas of space simultaneously. Walls, ceilings, and floors, are interwoven planes, but also a complete picture that is simultaneously perceived. Curtains, furniture, carpets and paintings on the wall are a part of the assembly of color, and must be matched with the colors of the foot-high wall surfaces.

Contemporarily designed room uses one basic color palette or similar, uniform colors, with an emphasis in a different color. These accents can be a piece of furniture (dresser, armchairs, cabinets or shelves for TV).

Something about each colour...

dulux colorsColours that make the rainbow spectrum are classified into hot and cold.

Warm colors are red, orange and yellow - cold are green, blue and purple.

Each of them can vary from a warmer or cooler tone, depending on the component that dominates within. In addition to basic colors, there is also black, white, gray, brown, beige, tan, silver, gold...

YELLOW - it is the hottest of colors and symbolizes the light whose source is the Sun. Strongly extroverted, optimistic and dynamic, tt is recommended for small rooms and rooms for the teens. Eased with white, green characters and strong yellow-orange are avoided.

GREEN - one that is rarely used in its basic tone as the dominating color of the interior. Modern designers use green to paint reception rooms, kitchen and youthful workspaces. Modern design insists on ecological environment and green metaphorically symbolizes that connection.

BLUE - is the one most commonly found in nature - we live in harmony with it. Snatched from the sky and the sea, it makes the interior comfortable. Blue symbolizes peace, coldness, and a tendency to daydream.

PURPLE - a color created by mixing blue and red, and in its character contains their worst traits. Purple comes in many varieties, and is usually cold and monotonous. It should be avoided as the dominant color in the living rooms and dining rooms. Suitable for low light areas because regardless of thewindow size, it darkens the character of rooms. If you really love this color, use it in details.

RED - is the color of love and passion, blood and fire. It provokes strong emotions and arouses the senses. Used to work as an energy stimulus, but also awakening your emotions. It goes well with most colors but the ideal is in black-white and gray areas.

ORANGE - one of the hottest colors, full of life and optimism. Scientists claim to encourage faster flow of oxygen to the brain and is recommended for psychologists working areas and children's rooms. They say it stimulates intellectual development and the formation of a stable personality.

BLACK is the absence of color. It is extensivelly applied in the interiors. When put as a dominating one, it is used in cold areas, but it is also a great complement to any color.

WHITE - in theory, white represents a union of all the colors found in a rainbow. In practice, it reminds more of a full absence of a color. It is heavily used in all modern styles of interior. It also gives the sense of science fiction, where form and function dominate over aesthetics. Depending of the coloring pigment, it varies the character of the space itself. An ice cold ambient is achieved with a bit of blue or gray. With an orange note, the space becomes warm and alive. White is, just like black, a perfect combination for all decorative accents.

BROWN symbolizes the earth, the power, and the transience of autumn. And in the same manner, it should also be applied.

GREY color carries all of its components well - black and white. Its goes well with the combination of all colors of the rainbow.

SILVER, GOLD and COPPER, are a good fit to details in the house, but their primary use is in clubs, restaurants and exhibition spaces.

Painting guidelines

Colors are combined by the principle of harmony - similar and analogous colors (green - blue, green and green - yellow), and by the principle of contrast - red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow). If you want to achieve a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, choose the first principle. Otherways use the contrast principle, which suits the dynamic and creative spaces the best. In this way, colorful areas communicate with their customers, and attract and evoke the attention of your guests.

Apply one color that dominates the space, with combining her gentle tones, and you'll get interior with a minimal decoration, but not necesarilly a "cold one".

Harmony is made by using the colors of the same "gamma" value, those with simmilar properties, or different ones with uniformed valeras.

Contemporary interiors often do not respect the canons of composing and mixing colors, but only those who are cunning, sucedee in that.

Light and colors

In order to achieve the desired effect of colors in space, it is necessary to know and understand the rules of the influence of light on them.

If we use the artificial light, a strong one, it negates the basic characters of colors; a diffuse light with a warm lightning will emphasize the original color. There are lamps that shine ice cold light, warm yellow, or neutral - like sun rays.

Modern rooms are equipped with LED bulbs that are changing the color by the chosen rythm. The full effect is achieved in the white spaces rich with furniture. They are rarely used in homes, but are appropriate in the entertaining areas.

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